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About Mr. Serious

‘Mr. Serious’ is a bags and accessories brand based in The Netherlands and the brand’s founder’s personal nickname. The nickname was given to him by a close friend back in 2000, who once mentioned how striking it was, how seriously ‘Mr. Serious’ took his graffiti, street art and urban exploring. Back then it wasn’t very common for most graffiti artists to be so focused on their artwork instead of a ‘normal’ career. ‘Mr. Serious’ life motto is ‘Serious about the less serious things in life’, a lifestyle and motto he still lives by today.

From 2002 ‘Mr. Serious’ was used as a street art name to produce mural paintings and T-shirts with ‘Mr. Serious’ designs screen printed on them. The T-shirt business continued for about 5 years and gradually stopped, but ‘Mr. Serious’’ murals and stickers continued to be produced.

For a few years Mr. Serious worked as a bags, accessories and graphic designer for numerous clothing and bag brands. He enjoyed this job immensely but wanted to create his own personal brand of bags and accessories. His main focus in the design and development of his own brand was to make street art more fun and efficient, so he developed functional bags and accessories that were designed specifically for the customer’s personal needs. This personal touch makes the Mr. Serious products enjoyable and easy to use for all his customers. He also designed a line of more ‘fun’ lifestyle products, including bags and accessories for urban exploration, which have functional features for life in the city.

Mr. Serious collaborates with talented street artists with a similar background to his own to help create product collections and to present the street artists and the personal visual language that they create.

‘Mr. Serious’: Serious about the less serious things in life.

Mr. Serious