Mr.Serious x VOH – Railslider T-shirt blue


• Loose fit
• FAIR WEAR. Vegan.
• 100% combed  organic cotton 185gr.
• Unisex oversized heavy jersey tshirt.
• 6 color hand screen printed on the back.
• 6 color hand screen printed on the front.
• Limited edition.

Vandals on Holidays features this limited edition T-shirt with Mr. Serious. Designed, printed and handcrafted with much love and passion.

The Doggy finger-boarder is the result of merging one of Mr. Serious’s most iconic product.
The PU coated glove and one of the most important trains in the Dutch trainwriting culture, the Ns Matt 64 ‘Doggy train’. Our intention is to contribute to the street culture by mixing the alternative subcultures such as writing and skateboarding which we feel connected to.

Respect, individuality, creativity, freedom, authenticity, pushing yourself to be the best you can be and nonconformity are the backbone of our subculture. Grinding on the rails, surfing sidewalks, performing tricks is the basis of freestyle. Practice, practice and more practice is key, but learning the right stunts is also important.

We are becoming more and more aware of the negative impact we have on the environment. That’s why we have decided to use sustainable fabrics to reduce the Human Footprint on the planet and ensure greater social responsibility.

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L, M, S, XL, XXL

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